• Trousers - Beagle Street
  • Trousers - Beagle Street
  • Trousers - Beagle Street
  • Trousers - Beagle Street

Finish create Jeremy, Beagle Street’s new fully CGI canine friend directed by Daniel Kleinman for VCCP.

The launch of the new Beagle Street life insurance campaign emphasises the bond between one man and his dog which has been devised by VCCP creatives Javier Romartinez & Stephen Misir. Highlighting the respective devotion between both owner and pet in their clever script for ‘Trousers’, Jeremy is more than a doting pet in warning his owner John of the dangers in everyday garments. In the 40 second TVC Jeremy informs his owner that he has taken the necessary precaution of the threat of trouser trips by removing them all from his wardrobe.

Finish were called on by Rattling Stick’s Kleinman and VCCP to create the fully CGI talking dog. With the bar being raised very high for fully CGI animals to look ever so photoreal in recent years, the task of creating photoreal animals that have certain human characteristics, such as talking, can make it more difficult as we all know – real dog’s don’t talk – and the illusion can get shattered.

Turning Jeremy into a talking dog required a balance between the complexities of human speech and the limitations of the canine muzzle. Jeremy’s voice actor was on set too and was filmed as reference to help with this balance.

Developing the grooming of the fur required painting multiple layers of attributes to control the overall look of the hair over the body of the dog. A lengthy and painstaking process, but the end result was absolutely worth the commitment.

On set supervision was critical to ensure seemless CG dog and live action integration and hence a tight team from Finish was assembled to capture and obtain all necessary information.

Jeremy is based on a real dog who was also on set. Having the physical reference meant Finish could match everything from the proportions, textures and groom of the fur to the real dog, which is invaluable when creating photo realistic CGI. It also meant that any lighting changes could be matched to actual visual reference for the final comps and grade.

Director Kleinman comments, “Working with the nice and clever people at Finish was a pleasure.”

See the 20 second commercial here.

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Executive Creative Director
Darren Bailes

Javier Romartinez
Stephen Misir

Agency Producer
Larissa Miola

Daniel Kleinman

Johnnie Frankel

Executive VFX Producer
Fi Kilroe

Creative Director
Jason Watts

CGI Supervisor
Harin Hirani

Lead Nuke
Kayley Fernandes

CGI Model, Grooming & Lighting
Harin Hirani

Secondary Animation, Lighting & Dynamics
Alaric Holberton

Conor Ryan

3D Modeler & Texture
Kirsty Gillmore

Colour Grade
Paul Harrison

Julian Tranquille @ Cut & Run

Grand Central Recording Studios

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